Toenail Growing Sideways Causes, Treatments, and Symptoms.



An ingrowing toenail is a critical condition. In this, the edges of the nails are band into the surface of the skin. The state of curved pins is around the surface of the skin. This moment brings much pain. This condition called “Ingrowing toenail sideways.”

This disease is also called Rams Horn. The growth of nail curved to the directed surface rather than smooth. Almost it happened due to lousy trimming. There is a more possibility of infection, swelling, and redness. It is a painful movement. Its also be very harmful to youngers if you face this issue you should seek treatment.

I also face these issues in the last summer season.  When I play football, I wear tight shoes. The whole body weight depended on the toenails when I kicked a football with full power. The nail is crack. I do not take care of this, but the crake nail causes a toenail infection. So after this, I seek treatment. If you face like same diseases, take antibiotics, and follow the treatment steps, those are written below.

Causes of Curved Toenails:

The reasons for curving toenails are the following:

Dirty toes:

Dirty feet are the cause of infection. Dirty feet have many bacteria that are a cause of nail disease, so keep clean the toe always. At home, sometimes we do not care about the dirty floor. In summer seasons, sweating is the main problem of infection, so we take care of it and wash feet regularly.

Foot Trauma:

Sometimes trauma causes many problems of the toenail. When we blunt to an object, then the nail is damaged. The shape of the nail is changed; it grows in an unfavorable direction. A sportsman faces this issue commonly when a man kicks a football balancing their weight to their toenails. Sometimes due to high pressure, the damage so the trauma cause toenail problems.

Tight Shoes:

When you wear smaller size shoes for an extended period, you notice that your nails naturally start to curve because due to the high pressure on them. Sometimes nail break due to we take care of tight shoes and wear ha comfortable or loose shoes. Mostly sportsman wears tight shoes and faces toenail problems.

Poor Trimming:

Poot Trimming is a common issue for ingrowing toenail sideways. Many peoples cut their nail by the next curve, but the edges of the nail dig into the skin. Please cut their nails straight and smooth. Many peoples are not cut the corners of the pins. The margins cause a toenail disease. Cut a nail properly in curve shape.


Iron is the enemy of nails. Sometimes we eat food that has more iron.quantity of iron is increased in the human body. Iron affects the toenails to grow. When nails grow, then it digs into the skin. So, not eat that food which has more iron. e.g. (Spinach)

Little size digits(foot figures):

Small size figures are close to each other. These are rubes to each other so, this is a cause of infection. Thoes who have small size figures always wear braces and cut nail every week. Long nails more creat problems for those who have Little size digits.


A fungus is the most common problem of the toenail. Many Americans face toenail issues due to rust. The fungus has affected the skin around the toenails. Bacteria would cause it if we did not wash the feet regularly. So wash your feet daily. This condition is awful for the toenails. It causes infection after these skin problems are occurring.

Symptoms of Curved Toenails:

nail infection

The signs of curving toenails are the following:


Swelling and red skin is a sign of infection. The disease is a sign of toenail problems. Feel pain consistent without applying any pressure. The damaged area fell harmer. If you feel these symptoms, refer to a  doctor immediately. If you are not going to the doctor, the treatment is more complicated.


Swilling is a symptom of toenail infection. If you see the swilling, then use an antibiotic. Swilling takes approximately 8 to 12 days to go down. But the pain is gown in 48 hours.


Redness is the first stage of infection. Usually appears as a painful area of swelling, warmth, and redness around the toenail commonly after an injury. If you have diabetes, you not feel an infection sign, but you check regularly. Look symptoms of the disease if you look then take antibiotics.

Black-Purple Nails:

Black or purple color is due to blood under the or purple color, not by damage. It’s by melanoma disease. Whenever nail changes color, then go to the doctor.

Treatment for Curved Toenails:

The treatment of curving toenails is below:

Cutting toenails on a curve:

Cutting nails is an important aspect to prevent nail infections. The first thing to do in biting nails is to use a proper tool, cutter, or a device. You use two tools one is for hand fingers, and the other is for toes. Before trimming nails, clean your tool carefully between each use. The next step is cutting nails approximately one millimeter every 15 days. If you are a sportsman, then you cut more often. Can we trim nails after a shower?. The best practice is to cut nails before a shower because dry pins are not bent. Those who have thick nails cut after a shower. Cut the nails smoothly and straight.

Try a warm water soak:

Warm salty water is beneficial for the toenails. For best results, fill the tub to the water and add Epsom salt some tablespoon and dip your feet into the water at least 15 minutes. This treatment repeats different times in a day; by doing this, the infection heals soon.

Apply toe Brace:

Toe braces are an essential thing to prevent nails. So for avoiding nails infection always you should apply braces to your foot. We walk on the floor at home without shoes, so the germs affect our skin. By this, our skin severely effects. So those who have nail problems always apply braces.

What to do to avoid toenails problems?

  • Shoes are not narrow or not tight.
  • Avoid walking without shoes in public places.
  • Trim nails carefully and cut them straight across.
  • Wear proper shoes also with braces at public places.
  • Keep your nails clean, washed, and dry as soon as possible.


Nail issues are occurring at any age Half of the nail problems are due to infections. 15% are due to metabolic conditions .5% issues are expected due to disturbance. I hope that the above information will help you to solve ingrowing nail problems.

Thank you for reading this article, and if you have any questions, then ask me in the comment section.


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