Amino Acid Hair Smoothing Treatment


By using Shea Butter and Amino Acids, the Natural Hair Smoothing treatment transforms Curly hair into a smooth texture for 8 to 12 weeks.

The Natural Smoothing Treatment is the quickest developing solution for curly hair straightening.

The treatment is excellent for:

  • Fixing wavy, or unusual hair surfaces without using the chemicals.
  • You are protecting your hair while wearing it straight.
  • Times where you need a little more uncomplicated sensibility.

To what extent Does The Smoothing Treatment Take To Apply?

Typical treatment time is 3 hours; however, it can be all the more dependent upon hair length.


The Dreamé Treatment is a definitive treatment to smooth snaked strands while hydrating coarse or dryer regions are utilizing a mix of Cupuaçu Butter, Amino Acids, Essential Oils, and Keratin Protein.

The Dreamé Treatment is secure for any hair type or surface and can be utilized for men, ladies, and youngsters. Smoothing treatment is alright for the individuals who are progressing their surface and the individuals who may have dry, bunched up, or weak strands.

The Dreamé Treatment is created to cover hair strands with a smooth obstruction to secure the hair shaft while changing a coarse surface to a satiny one. With this technique for hair smoothening, you will save long periods of styling and hair planning time every month while keeping up the soundness of your healthy hair.

The Dreamé treatment is excellent for:

  • Fixing wavy, or unusual hair surfaces without using the chemicals.
  • You are protecting your hair while wearing it straight.
  • Times where you need a little more uncomplicated sensibility.

Amino Acids:

amino acids are the critical component that assumes a significant job in the creation of red platelets, supply supplements and oxygen to hair follicles, and, consequently, advance hair development. Amino Acids may likewise go about as a shield from heat harm, sun introduction, and other hurtful radiations, besides improving the length

Amino Acid Treatment:

The essential One-Step Smoothing System combines innovation and demonstrated outcomes for a sheltered option in contrast to keratin medications since everything ordinary and doesn’t need the utilization of formaldehyde. The dynamic fixing in the One-Step Smoothing System is ” Cystine Amino Acids.”

All things that are measure on the Ph scale is “considered” a chemical, even water- – which has a pH of approximately seven. Fundamental’s One-Step Smoothing System has a pH of 1.5, which implies it is acidic (like lemon juice) and low on the pH scale. In this way, it represents no mischief to the hair like cruel synthetic concoctions, for example, relaxers and lasting hair hues, which have a lot higher pH. Also, the framework doesn’t contain synthetic compounds that break disulfide bonds. Consequently, the impact isn’t lasting.

The procedure depends on the One-Step Smoothing Foam and doesn’t include numerous excursions to the cleanser bowl, various blowdries, and different goes with the level iron. The framework just requires a purifying, a Smoothing froth application, Blow-dry, and polished metal with one pass. Enduring 6 two months, the amino acid treatment wears off without for all time fixing your hair. Our customers can go to and fro, between straight or common styles easily. The nose is progressively sensible and delicately extended to forestall simple returning throughout the late spring hot months. More straightforward to control during styling prevailing wind, wash n goes, or plait outs!

The smoothing treatment infiltrates profound inside the hair strand to reestablish, recharge, and reinforce the obligations of your hair. It is an extraordinary segment to advance length maintenance.


Benefits of Amino Acid Hair Straightening:

The best hair treatment to dispose of frizz or twists? Consider a corrosive amino hair fixing treatment, or Argil Therapy, to fix your hair utilizing a natural keratin treatment.

Most keratin hair fixing medications contain formaldehyde, which is lethal. Envision being approached to wear a gas veil to shield you from the unfortunate exhaust while having your hair fixed! Unquestionably, there is a progressively appropriate other option.

Argil medications contain white mud (Argila Clay) and amino acids (fundamentally L-Cysteine), which reestablish harmed hair and brace it with the goal that it gets smooth, progressively adaptable, and less inclined to break.

     They contain:

  • White clay
  • Keratin
  • L-Cysteine
  • Silicones

    They not contain:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Lye
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Thio


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